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Follow the Red Line!

Its a thin line between love and hate, so Annie Lennox sang. We would love for you to dig in your photographers love/hate relationship with self-portraits, so we've come up with a fun concept to do so! Join our Follow the Red Line project, the longest photo series ever made that binds us all by means of a simple red thread entering your picture on the left and leaving it somewhere on the right side. Don't get wired up, get inspired! Get EAGER ;)

Why we do this?
Because it's fun. Because we love to connect photographers all around the globe. Because our aim is to inspire photographers to make their very best photo series!

And we have ambition (yes we are eager!). We'd love to accept 2012 contributions in 2012. And worldwide means that we would love to receive contributions from photographers from at least 100 countries in the world. So we need your help...

Join our project!
The rules of the project are really simple:

  1. Make a photographic self-portrait in portrait mode (2:3)
  2. Make sure there is a red line in the picture, entering the photo on the left and leaving it on the right. This red line can be anything: wool, a drawn line, a garden hose, etc.
  3. Be as creative as you can!
  4. Resize your photo to 1200 x 1800px (but keep of course the high resolution version for any future exhibition).
  5. Submit!

Each great self portrait that adds to the whole of our Follow the Red Line photo series, will be accepted. The Follow the Red Line photo series will be published on our project website mentioning the name of each contributing photographer with a link to his/her website.

You may submit as many times as you like. However, we will choose maximum 1 photo from your submissions to be published in the photo series.

A deadline? We are EAGER, so we say: the sooner the better!

Terms and conditions

  • Naturally the copyright of the photos remains with the photographers.
  • You may only submit photos for which the copyright rests entirely with you.
  • EAGER is allowed to publish your submitted photo within the scope of the project without any limitations.
  • EAGER may refuse or withdraw your contribution from the project without cause.

A great thank you to,,, DIGIFOTO Pro,, GUP, Mijndomein, Phototime, 500Photographers, Photonews and Future Concept Lab for spreading the news and helping us find contributors!

If you have any press inquiry, don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love you to spread the news to help us build the longest photo series ever made!

Photos © Ienske Meindertsma, Alma Haser, Jantina Scheltema


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